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3 Forex Back Office Trading Software Provider 2022: Top Back Office for Brokers ️

Keep track of each stage of the sales process and export detailed reports. I am a well-rounded financial services professional experienced in fundamental and technical analysis, global macroeconomic research, foreign exchange and commodity markets and an independent trader. The product utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols to protect the system https://www.xcritical.com/ against unauthorized tampering. Servers and services are protected by restricted access
options and the edge networking method, and all data is stored in relational databases
without direct access to the Internet, with thorough verification of each user request. Trader’s Room includes both admin-side and
client-side safety features to ensure comprehensive protection
for data and funds.

forex back office software

Additionally, you will also be able to open and close trades on behalf of your clients. Your software will simplify the process of setting stop-out levels and its automatic application to minimize a client’s risk. The reports will aid you in detecting the best market and keeping the existing clients engaged. The software should also keep track of and record the actions of partners and other admins.

Best Forex Back Office Software Provider 2022

This information will ensure you can issue margin calls at the appropriate times and advise your clients of their risks. It will also allow your firm to control its exposure, which might be especially useful if part of your firm operates as a dealing desk brokerage. Today, the Forex market is one of the most popular markets to trade because. Its popularity has played into the hands of fans of risky trading, thanks to which numerous companies have appeared that provide direct access to trading in various financial instruments within the international Forex market. As the flow of traders in the market grows daily, brokerage companies need a functional back office system to give their clients the best experience.

  • Our software is designed to make your life easier and help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Intivion.com provides Forex Back Office Software to help you manage your Forex business.
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  • UpTrader provides through its licensed partners a full range of legal services both as a standalone package and as part of the White Label MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 offers.
  • Sophisticated UpTrader Forex CRM for brokers includes back office, trader’s room, and copy trading software for MT4, MT5 and cTrader brokers.
  • The investment system has an attractive interface with separate portals for signal providers, followers, and administrators, helping them to concentrate on their personal tasks.

The product provides ready-made integrations with Zoho
and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs. If necessary, you can connect any other CRM
software with help from our technical department. Integrations with Scorechain and Bitfury’s Crystal allow blockchain-processed payments to be analyzed for illegal activity. If the payment number fails the trust check, the payment is sent to the financial control for further review. Every client registered within Trader’s Room gets
access to the built-in proprietary exchanger, which can be used to exchange
one type of asset for another without switching to another trading UI.

You can’t have too much security

This section is a combination of various flexible settings for connecting third-party services and applications. Other systems that can be connected to the Forex back office include various trading platforms, “KYC” service providers, rate providers, and various marketing services that help set up an advertising campaign. In general, back office software solutions have evolved with the advent of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS).

forex back office software

Ivan explores how this industry-leading CRM/traders room solution embraces a huge range of capabilities to offer a unique, customisable service for clients that can be easily tailored to fit each type of organisation. Quality customer https://www.xcritical.com/blog/mobile-apps-in-the-forex-industry/ support is necessary for prompt responses and solutions to any issues and bugs in the software. Your efforts of growing a Forex business will be futile if the provider is not present when you face any predicament with software.

FX Back office Integration of Brokeree Social Trading and PAMM

administrators can configure settings such as exchange rate and trading
platform connections. Purchasing the right back office platform helps future proof your brokerage. Although KYC requirements may be the most common regulatory rule, there are many others that your firm must fulfill if you are licensed with a regulatory authority like FCA, ESMA, and CySEC. Forex back office software is an excellent solution to the challenges or regulatory requirements.

forex back office software

This module allows you to create a system of referral connections or an affiliate network. Each trader can become a partner and connect other partners to the network to trade and receive commissions from the spread difference. This module allows you to upload all the necessary information that is somehow related to the affiliate program, keep records on the number of partners, and also access the data of the partners themselves to analyze their activities. Request a demo of the forex back office software and clear out any queries and confusion you have. Any reliable provider will openly discuss what they can and can not provide.

Welcome to the easiest way to start a Forex Brokerage company from scratch

You will receive a
functioning product in a period from a couple of hours to several
days. Our forex back office software truly assists in boosting your brokerage growth. Forex back office software has an extended range of various useful functions that allow you to flexibly configure numerous parameters related to clients, their verification, reporting, etc. Let’s consider below the key functions that can be found in the FX back office solution.

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