Emerald Technosoft has an unwavering commitment to our client deliverables regardless of the challenges within the hiring scenario. it’s our firm belief that no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment and it requires tailoring of solution counting on the sort of the business. we attempt to determine long-term and interdependent partnerships with everyone to make sure the simplest performance.

As a client-focused organization, it’s vital for us to develop a process based system. We follow this a rule while designing and developing processes for our clients. We ensure offering only the standard candidates even for the difficult positions for our clients, consistently and efficiently. Our team employs a transparent approach and a good practice to represent our candidates to the clients, and our clients to the candidates.

Our process of candidate evaluation is predicated on the parameters mentioned below. With this approach, we ensure there’s a correct linkage between our clients and candidates. Our team continually monitors the candidate performance while hiring, and post-hiring to assure a long-lasting satisfaction to our clients.


Emerald Technosoft understands that the right candidate with the right skill-set can make the difference in your business approach. From small businesses to large corporates, we help you find the best people of your choice. Our dedicated work-force can help you meet your specific needs of getting the right people with a particular domain or location.

As a young staffing company, we understand that every company has their own culture, values, and expectations from its employees. We have a knack to absorb your unique way of operations and tailor our search to find the potential candidates for your organization.

We provide the staffing solutions across all the domains IT :

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Permanent Hiring Services

Staff Augmentation

“The pursuit of the right talent for the job is a strenuous task, but we specialize in doing it well.”

Emerald Technosoft has in place dedicated account management and recruiting teams that work together with clients to ensure their standards are met. From technology, manufacturing, retail, BFSI and beyond, we maintain a high quality, customer-centered engagement structure. Our capability lies in offering high-quality and on-demand staffing solutions for niche profiles across the spectrum of a variety of sectors. It has resulted in companies being able to execute large-scale projects in the defined timeline successfully.

At Emerald Technosoft, it is our firm belief that the right talent has the potential to change the world. Moreover, we will help you find the best.

Permanent Hiring Solutions

In today’s evolved marketplace, it is vital to have the right set of talent across teams. To achieve this, the HR managers spent tireless hours and cost to review resumes and identify potential quality candidates.

At Relig Staffing, we offer agility in staffing solutions with a continuum of your businesses. It is pertinent to get the most experienced and dedicated individuals to your company. With a broader talent pool, we offer our clients with the access to right talent they need, faster. It is our skill to assess and develop skills efficiently, get ahead of the knowledge curve every time.

Our cost-effective permanent hiring solution helps the organization to save on staff’s time, marketing budgets, and get a unique competitive edge. We offer broad access to a more comprehensive and qualified pool of candidates.